Andolina Profilatrici has been on the winding machine manufacturing market far years. Our winding machines can be motor driven or neutral, single or double. They are all made using material with high media­nica! specifications, in compliance with customer needs and requirements. The electrical system is central and complies with current technical standards. The DOUBLE WINDING MACHINES are equipped with two spidies fitted on a special revolving pede-stat and make it possible to minimize machine downtime. The advantage iies in the fact that white the machine is working on a col ofsheet metal, the operator prepares the other coin on the other spindle.

The rot is automaticaly centred by fourpanets. The load-bearing shaft is appropriately sized to withstand any overioading or accidentel falting during the loading phase. The neutral models are equipped with an adjustable brake while the motor-driven ones have special speed reduction units. MOTOR-DRIVEN NEUTRAL WINDING MACHINES: this is the first essential element comprising a normal press orforming machine feeding one.

 The winding machines we manufacture fully perform the task for which they are designed and made. Their main features are easy handiing and the coi! unwindingspeed. Ai! our models, moreover, have not only a solid, sturdy framework, but are also distinguished by attractive styling.

Coit centring can be automatic on alt motor-driven models, or with a capstan bar at the rear ofthe centring spindte on neutral models. Unwinding is controlled by a rod feeler or when requested with a variable speed drive On motor-driven models, the spindle rotation speed is govemed by a worm gear motor entirely in an oil bath, while on neutral models it is by a specific brake at the end of the shaft.

 Ali these mechanisms ensure starting and stopping with no jerking on the coil.


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